Harry Saves the World Again

Harry Saves the World Again



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Harry Saves the World Again
by Gary Alexander
Historical Thriller
Pub Date: 06/19/20
Paperback ISBN: 978-1-64599-055-0
$16.99 Paperback
$3.99 eBook

It’s 1940 and, despite having thwarted a Nazi plot in Lisbon to release deadly uranium over London, Harry Antonelli has succeeded in wearing out his welcome in Portugal. He has that knack.

So, Harry hops a freighter to Havana, but he soon finds himself on the outs with the gangsters who run Cuba. He is taken in by the beautiful daughter of an army general, who barely tolerates her “gigolo.” After the bombing of Pearl Harbor, the general seizes the opportunity to ship Harry home “to do his patriotic duty.”

But, all is not well in Seattle either.

Harry returns home to find his best friend, Saburo (Chuck) Shimizu, and his family being loaded onto a bus and moved to an internment camp, so Harry decides to aggressively intervene.

David Booth-operative of an ultra-secret government agency, and brother of Dorothy, Harry’s ex-girlfriend-springs Harry from jail. David, who disapproves of Harry in general, asks him to woo Dorothy. He fears her current beau may be an enemy agent. The Agency believes that a plot is brewing to sabotage Boeing’s production of the B-17-the bomber vital for destruction of Germany’s war machine-and to kill thousands of workers in the process.

As part of his effort to help David root out spies and saboteurs, Harry accepts the mission of courting Dorothy, who happens to be on a secret assignment, too.

Harry does have help on his impossible mission: an alcoholic ex-cellmate and his band of cohorts, and a spry 82-year-old widow.

Praise for Gary Alexander


“In Alexander’s light fourth whodunit featuring standup comic Buster Hightower (after 2012’s Interlock), the unlikely sleuth is caught up in a chase for a fortune in gold. Buster’s nightclub act provides an amusing counterpoint to the fast-paced story line — offers a breezy read perfect for the early days of fall.” Publisher’s Weekly.


The Third Buster Hightower Mystery

“To pay off a gambling debt, Butch Hightower agrees to serve as security for some thugs planning an art heist, then unaccountably walks off with a painting on his own. Now he’s countering a Russian assassin and pleading for help from his stand-up comic brother; humor and veggie recipes throughout.” Library Journal

“Like Zillionaire (2011) and its predecessor, a gleefully demonic chase after MacGuffins, plumped up with veggie recipes rife with cusswords and comedy routines skewering society’s foibles.” Kirkus Reviews


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