Hunting the Saturday Night Strangler

Retired homicide detective Arn Anderson tracks a coldblooded killer in this riveting novel of suspense by the author of Hunting the Five Point Killer.


Two innocent victims, strangled to death on consecutive Saturday nights. Even as they see the pattern emerging, retired detective Arn Anderson and TV reporter Ana Maria Villarreal can’t seem to convince the Cheyenne police that the killer may strike again.

Hunting a remorseless murderer leads Arn and Ana Maria down a rabbit hole of ranchers and rustlers. But the closer they come to catching the killer, the more they’re met with suspicion. And when their investigation collides with a desperate act of violence, they wonder whether they’re unwinding the killer’s twisted thread of clues or tightening their own noose.

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December 8, 2018

Excelent mystery

This is my first book by this author and even this is the second book in the series I didn’t had any difficulties reading it as a standalone. It was a perfect reading material for this cold days. It kept my attention and kept me turning pages and guessing what will happen until the end. I liked the characters and I am looking forward of reading the next instalments

October 14, 2018

A fast paced thriller!

Hunting the Saturday Night Strangler by C.M. Wendeboe is a Bitter Wind Mystery, This thriller begins with the murder of a young woman witnessed by an unknown sheep stealer. And that’s only the first chapter. Arn Anderson, a former homicide detective who has retired to Wyoming and his roommate Anna Maria Villarreal, a TV reporter soon find themselves involved in a case which has dead bodies piling up and many suspects. With so many clues, one thinks they have it finally figured out and then something else happens. This book was definitely a page turner with an exciting and satisfying ending. The characters are quirky and enjoyable, especially the three house mates Arn, Danny and Anna Maria who you would not expect to ever belong together. This book is a mystery, thriller I could not put down.

Annette Johnson
October 14, 2018

Fast paced mystery

This was a fast paced little mystery! I really enjoyed it! It kept me guessing to the end. I will definitely be watching for more by this author. I’m hoping it’s a series

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