In Solo Time, by Richard J. Cass

In Solo Time, by Richard J. Cass



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In Solo Time
An Elder Darrow Mystery
by Richard J. Cass
Pub Date: 9/20/17
Paperback ISBN: 978-1-893035-67-6
$16.99 Paperback
$.99 eBook

An alcoholic walks into a bar . . . and buys it. At the urging of his sometimes lover and sometimes drinking partner Jacquie Robillard, Elder Darrow uses the last of the money from the trust fund his mother left him to buy the Esposito, a bucket-of-blood bar in Boston that he plans to turn into a jazz nightclub. But before he can turn the place around, the body of Timmy McGuire, a jazz guitar player, shows up on the small stage at the Esposito, stabbed to death.

Dan Burton, a Boston Homicide detective, likes Jacquie for the murder. She had a contentious relationship with the guitar player (and a few other men along the
way). But one of the other men Jacquie is involved with is the son of an old-line Boston landlord with political designs on the commonwealth’s governorship. Burton arrests Jacquie for Timmy McGuire’s murder but Elder is certain something darker and deeper than a lover’s quarrel is at stake.

Jacquie is released on bail. When she shows up dead, Elder is drawn into a conspiracy going back to Timmy’s childhood, an arson in the three-decker in Mattapan where he grew up, and the unraveling of a political conspiracy. Elder’s need to solve Timmy’s murder peaks when his jazz singer lady friend, Alison Somers, is kidnapped by the perpetrators. In the end, he has to solve the mystery and rescue Alison without the help of the police or anyone else.

“Atmospheric and dark, In Solo Time rivets you with live jazz, memorable characters, and a series of murders that point to Big Politics played by the best—Boston’s cut-throat wealthy. This killer of a reading ride will entertain and haunt you.”  — Gayle Lynds, New York Times bestselling author of The Assassins and The Book of Spies

“Richard Cass writes the kind of mysteries I first fell in love with—clever, twisty, and brimming with characters as colorful as they are well-drawn. In Solo Time is as inviting as a heavy pour of single malt, and twice as dangerous. So long as Elder Darrow is slinging drinks at the Esposito, he can count me a regular.” — Chris Holm, Anthony Award-winning author of The Killing Kind

“Cass’s version of noir Boston is dark and beautiful as a back alley after a morning rain. In Solo Time offers another few hours inside the head of Elder Darrow, who may be one of the most interesting bar owners you’ll have the pleasure of meeting. — Gerry Boyle, author of the Jack Mcmorrow and Brandon Blake mysteries

“Richard J. Cass’s In Solo Time is peopled with memorable characters from the dark edges of Boston’s music scene, and his prose is as smooth as the jazz the book celebrates.” — Brenda Buchanan, author of the Joe Gale Mystery Series.

“A dark bluesy mystery steeped in Bostonian tradition and prose. In the prequel to Solo Act Cass delivers the goods.”— Bruce Robert Coffin, bestselling author of the Detective Byron mystery series.




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