Inspired by the classic short stories of Raymond Chandler, Graham Greene, Patricia Highsmith, Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Carver, Coetzee, and more, these stories take you into dark places and tight spaces.


Yes, there is mayhem, even murder from time to time. There are also unfortunate decisions that can’t be unmade, honest mistakes that lead to dishonesty, realizations that come too late, and dues to be paid that come too soon. Throughout, the human comedy that we call life is painted with the colors of love, hate, success, failure, jubilation, sorrow, and the lint in all our pockets, regret.

As you read you’ll meet assassins, adulterers, artists, gigolos, go-betweens, pretty women and petty criminals, a woman who walks her cat, a man who can’t walk at all, an elderly man who just might be Satan, a bartender, a hangman, doomed denizens, and one very lucky fellow. They and more are waiting to share their stories with you, including some memorable supporting players who quite often steal the show.

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Len Joy
March 9, 2022

5.0 out of 5 stars Edgy, Noir Tales

These stories may not keep you up at night, but I can guarantee you won’t fall asleep reading them. Edgy, noir, often macabre tales, you can never predict how the tale is going to end, but it usually doesn’t end well. Kilgore deploys an incredible range of hard-luck characters: a hitman planning to retire (The Auckland Assignment); a British file clerk (The Madding Tale) who volunteers for a passage to India (don’t read during bug season); a cat-walking Parisienne woman (The Woman in Paris who Walked Her Cat); a down on his luck actor whose time has run out (Twenty-Ten). On second thought, they might keep you up at night.

N Don Brown
December 17, 2021

5.0 out of 5 stars Very well written

Many of the stories have been told before but the author has written them so well it doesn’t matter

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