Letters to a Pedophile

By: Lee Varon

Letters to a Pedophile by Lee Varon is the winner of our 2018 Chapbook Contest.


Praise for Varon’s Manuscript:

Letters to a Pedophile is a stunning book that will give you a lump in your throat and a pit in your stomach. Yet you will feel for the lost soul in a “box of your pain” and surrounded by angels “drooping like broken necks of swans.” This book is filled with images that are chilling and haunting.”

—Jean Flanagan, author of Black Lightning

Varon’s poems yearn for some understanding but there is none. How can a person really grasp such horror done to a child. In each letter the voice in the poem hopes, but in letter after letter, the pedophile never stops his behavior and one starts to feel it is hopeless after all. Letters to a Pedophile is not an easy thing to write about but Varon does so with sophistication and dignity. It is one of the best chapbooks I have read. “…and the children’s bodies weren’t taken apart/pieces strewn by the side of the road/to be picked up later/and stuffed into God’s satchel.”

—Gloria Mindock, Editor and Publisher, Cervena Barva Press

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