Living With Your Kids is Murder

Living With Your Kids is Murder


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Living With Your Kids is Murder
by Mike Befeler
Paperback ISBN: 978-1-893035-86-7
$13.99 Paperback

Imagine waking up in your son’s home, not remembering anything from the day before and being accused of murder. Or consider a male Miss Marple enmeshed in a light-hearted Memento with a dash of Fifty First Dates.

In this, the second of the Paul Jacobson Geezer-lit Mystery series, cantankerous octogenarian Paul Jacobson must solve two murders while struggling with the problems of his short-term memory loss. As Paul ends up suspiciously close to a bank robbery, kidnapping and drug bust, his granddaughter Jennifer helps him track down the real perpetrators. Paul juggles two girlfriends, experiences the quirks of old age romance and must find a way to stay alive when he confronts the murderer.

“Humorous and heartbreaking.” – Library Journal

“Befeler’s book is a humorous example of the new sub-genre ‘geezer-lit.’ Sometimes, sad, but mostly funny, his tale of a plucky sarcastic ‘old fart’ will win your heart.” – Mystery Scene Magazine

“Sit back and get set to giggle. An amusing romp. Well written, entertaining, and a quick, unable to put down, read. Very highly recommended for all readers out there, it is a hoot!” – Love Romances

“In a comic yet touching look at aging, Befeler’s work strikes the right balance between comedy, mystery, and sensitivity to issues.” – Mysterical-E Book Reviews

“Mike Befeler’s funny, feisty, and memory-challenged senior sleuth is a delightful addition to the mystery scene.” – Maggie Sefton


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