Mainely Fear

By: Matt Cost

“I want you to find out who is responsible for ruining his life and I want them to pay for it.”

This is the desire of Latricia Jones as she hires Goff Langdon to investigate her son’s arrest for burglary, vandalism, and possibly hate crimes.


Langdon is a laid back, slacker detective, happy with his work,friends, and way of life in the town of Brunswick, Maine. To complement his income in Brunswick’s scarce private detective market, Langdon also owns and operates a mystery bookstore named after his trusted companion, Coffee Dog.

He was on the fast track to success.
And then something happened.

Jamal Jones is an eighteen-year-old rising star attending a post-grad prep school in central Maine to bring his grades up so he can play college basketball at the D1 level. Then he is arrested for crimes that his mother knows he committed, but not why. She’s sure someone has put him up to it, the behavior so unlike him as to be unthinkable, especially since Jamal was on the verge of beginning a better life. Latricia wants Langdon to track down those responsible for her son’s sudden turn from grace, and she wants them to pay.

Based on 35 Reviews
April 19, 2023

5.0 out of 5 stars Small Town Thriller

Small towns are idyllic for many including criminals! Brunswick, Maine is no different. Full-time and part-time residents alike are being terrorized by a group of organized thugs bent on vandalism, theft, and murder. Jamal Jones is a young impressionable young man with a future until he hooks up with Fast Eddie! Now it is up to easy-going, devil-may-care, part-time private detective and bookstore owner, Goff Langdon to figure out how best to help Jamal get back his life. The author, Matt Cost, weaves a captivating story filled with action, deception, and deadly danger. The building of Goff Langdon was done in rich and vivid descriptions that accurately fit the detective throughout. Further, the reaction of Jamal Jones was so starkly different from the others in the group that it was easy to glimpse his easy victimization. The story flowed smoothly and clearly drawing the listener into the story from moment one. The narrator, Shawn Compton, brought the characters to life with his performance. His skillful timing and delivery were perfect. He spoke clearly and communicated the essence of each character with speech and cadence. I enjoy listening to this work performed by Compton. Overall, this is one of those novels that will capture your attention and won’t let go until the end. Do not start this one before bed, it is likely you will be up most of the night listening! There were no issues with the quality or production of this audiobook.

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