Mainely Money

By: Matt Cost

“I’m being blackmailed with intimate pictures of myself with someone who is not my husband,” Senator Mercer said to his back.

So Langdon is hired to investigate the blackmail of a U.S. Senator.


“You heard the OPK struck again in Portland last night?”

Next, he’s hired to prove the innocence of an immigrant from Burundi framed for murder.

“I guess I felt sort of guilty peeking in the windows like that,” she said. She flashed a brilliant smile that was a bit crooked, sarcastic, and wholly sexy. “Is this your place?”

Then Langdon is hired by the beautiful Delilah Friday to find her missing sister.

Russian gangsters. Mercs. Serial Killers. Powerful interest groups. Blackmailers. Goff Langdon, with the help of his friends and family, must piece together these disparate items and solve what is quickly becoming a very tangled case that is threatening his normally quiet way of life… And then they take his daughter.

It is not just another day in Brunswick, Maine. Langdon finds himself lost in a world where money rules, and he needs to get to whomever is holding the purse strings before something bad happens to those whom he holds most dear…

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