Mainely Power

By: Matt Cost

Was Harold Dumphy killed to cover up something at the nuclear power plant where he was the head of security?


This is what Harold’s widow asks Goff Langdon, private detective, to find out. Langdon is a laid back, slacker detective, happy with his work, friends, and way of life in the town of Brunswick, Maine. To compliment his income in small town Maine’s scarce private detective market, Langdon also owns and operates a mystery bookstore named after his trusted companion, Coffee Dog.

Does Langdon stand a chance against corrupt cops, crooked politicians, greedy millionaires, radical environmentalists, and a deadly assassin named Shakespeare?

With the help of Bart, the bear of a cop; Jimmy 4 by Four, the hippie lawyer; the immigrants Jewell and Richam; and his true desire and employee, Chabal—Langdon sets out to do just that. And then he is framed for not one, but two murders, and events become very complicated.

Follow Langdon and his band of friends as they attempt to untangle the web of intrigue and return Brunswick to “the way life should be.”

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The Irish Girl
December 26, 2020

A Wild Ride with Good Friends

Goff Langdon’s an interesting guy. He lives in a small town in Maine, owns a bookstore and is a private investigator. His sidekick is a dog named Coffee Dog, also the name of his bookstore. He’s also got an interesting collection of friends, from the lovely but married Chabal, who mostly runs the store, to Bart, a Clete Purcel-like cop who doesn’t follow the rules, to Goldilocks, the mop topped owner of Goff’s favorite dive bar. In this first outing, Goff gets himself embroiled with the murder of a nuclear power plant’s head of security, taking on the dead man’s very oversexed wife as a client. Mayhem and murder follows as he discovers more, hot on the trail of why. His support group of friends and family join him as the plot thickens, and it’s a lively diverse group who help him in his ever-increasingly dangerous venture. Matt Cost has created a great new hero here, with shades of Spenser, Robicheaux and Davenport but Goff Langdon is his own man, one of a kind. Good job, Mr. Cost, and I’m looking forward to Goff’s new adventures.

Amazeballs Book Addicts
November 29, 2020

A great read

Mainely Power is a good read. I read a little bit of every genre of books but I generally read a lot of romance books. This one was a read that was a break from my normal romance reads. I was pulled into this one right from the beginning. Goff Langdon is a private detective. He’s a little gruff but a down to earth guy. He’s an interesting charter. Goff gets hired to investigate Harold Dumphy’s death. We are taking along for the ride while Goff undercover the mystery of Harold’s death. This one packed with mystery and suspense and some great side characters.

John S.
November 5, 2020

Great read

Great storyline and well written. Definitely worth the read. Looking forward to the next one in the series.

October 3, 2020

A nuclear minefield of greed and corruption

If you’re a member of Generation X, nuclear power plants are sort of creepy enough on their own. We remember the stories in our youth of Three Mile Island and Chernobyl, with movies like “The China Syndrome” and “Silkwood.” We also remember stories like Erin Brockovich’s, which further reinforced our understanding of corporate greed and corruption. Cost, through his main character Goff Langdon, brings all of this tension together, and drives us through the middle of these hair-raising stories once again. Buckle up!

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