Misfortune’s Wake

A young American, seeking escape from a haunting tragic event, takes a job with an international conservation organization in the foreign port of Retiro de Santos. He becomes romantically involved with a local artist, and platonically involved with a girl he learns is being forced into a hard life at a young age. His environmental group is sabotaged by a clandestine consortium attempting to turn a non-profit wildlife refuge into a for-profit resort. Then his coworker dies mysteriously, and his young friend is shanghaied.


Finding himself on the wrong side of unjust laws, he must decide whether to act or abdicate responsibility. As he teeters precariously on the edge of a decision that affects not only him but also those he cares for, he’s swept into a caldron of hidden agendas and violent retribution. Then a raging storm barrels ashore to threaten everyone and everything in its path.

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