Mouse Trap

By: Matt Cost

Summer on the coast of Maine can be an idyllic time. That is, until Wolfe and Baker are hired to find who tried to steal a mouse. What starts out as innocuous as a fireman saving a cat from a tree quickly morphs into something far deadlier. Johnson Laboratories is involved with genome editing on mice in an attempt to eradicate diseases including cancer.


But it seems that somebody else has designs on the technology of altering traits within living organisms. Clay and his colorful group of cohorts must once again pull together to uncover the seething evil that threatens Port Essex and the world in a race against time.


When Clay Wolfe rekindles an old romance, the summer is looking bright. It wasn’t.

He woke in the middle of the night, gathered his things, and slipped away. After Clay left, Victoria rose from the bed and went into the bathroom, carefully removed the condom from the Kleenex it was wrapped in and put it in a plastic baggie.
Who is the mysterious man who clubs Westy with a hammer and threatens the lives of everybody Clay Wolfe holds dear?

Now, Clive Miller was a fixer. He took care of problems that arose. Once given a task, his hands weren’t tied, and he was well-paid for his troubles. There were two simple rules. Eliminate the problem. Don’t draw attention.


When Clay Wolfe is hired to find out who tried to steal a mouse, he thought it was akin to a fireman getting a cat out of a tree. It wasn’t.

“Sometimes bad genes need to be stamped out and good ones need to be fostered,” Bridget Engel said. “There’s really no difference between mice and human beings when it comes to genes.” She wore a gray suit, and her blonde hair was cut short in the style that Hillary Clinton had made popular.

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Felicia Denise
April 13, 2022

I loved every page of this fasting-moving, hard-hitting mystery thriller! Private Investigator Clay Wolfe accepts a job believing he’s looking for the person who tried to steal a mouse from a research lab. His partner, Baylee Baker is hired by a wealthy pop singer as a bodyguard, and to do a background check on the same research lab she’s considering working with. What neither expected was for their cases to become one and lead them to dead bodies, sadistic killers, dark money, Russians, genetic engineering, and Nazis. A side plot with a wealthy woman wanting a child and choosing Clay to be the father is also connected to the case in ways no one saw coming. Clay, Baylee, and their small team of friends are all more than meets the eye, and even background checks on them don’t reveal their true tenacity, skill, and commitment to the job… and each other. I haven’t read the first two books in the Clay Wolfe series but don’t feel Mouse Trap was missing anything in character development and backstories. An original plot with interesting characters and amazing writing make Mouse Trap a must-read! (And I will read books one and two!) Enjoy!

Romaine Heart
April 13, 2022

PI Clay and PI Bailey were hired by CEO Bridget Engel of JOHNS to find out who was trying to steal a SHAIM (SuperHuman Advance Intelligent Mouse) mouse. Since mice are somewhat close to humans researchers use mice to try to figure out how to cure diseases in humans but this mouse is extra special. SHAIM will help babies become more intelligent and stronger. Even though Clay and Bailey have been let go by the company they still investigate. Something just seems off. The deeper they dig their lives are put in danger as well as their friends. Thank you Booksirens and the author for a digital copy. Read and reviewed voluntarily and the opinions expressed here are unbiased and entirely my own.

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