Mouse Trap

By: Matt Cost

Summer on the coast of Maine can be an idyllic time. That is, until Wolfe and Baker are hired to find who tried to steal a mouse. What starts out as innocuous as a fireman saving a cat from a tree quickly morphs into something far deadlier.


Johnson Laboratories is involved with genome editing on mice in an attempt to eradicate diseases including cancer. But it seems that somebody else has designs on the technology of altering traits within living organisms. Clay and his colorful group of cohorts must once again pull together to uncover the seething evil that threatens Port Essex and the world in a race against time.

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April 21, 2022

Mouse Trap Imagine what would happen if scientists could use human DNA and inject it in mice to create a Superhuman Advanced intelligence Mice. What if the true purpose was stated as hoping to use this scientific engineering and genetic engineering to create a perfect human child? Clay Wolfe is hired to find out who stole a genetically altered mouse from a scientific lab. Baylee Baker is smart and astute partner are hired by the CEO of Johnson’s to track down who might have stolen the mouse. Johnson laboratories is at the heart of this multiple plot novel. Rex Bolton hires Clay to try and uncover who might have stolen the mouse. Did this mouse really carry human traits? Can a mouse or as the author describes be a humanized mouse carrying functioning human genes cells, tissues and or organs? As it is further defined Bolton states that when the body accepts the transplant and starts to make healthy blood cells incorporating the genetic manipulation. How can this mouse who was not really stolen be found in a small container with sir air holes in the Black Labs bathroom facility where they do experiments? Hiring Wolfe and Baker Enterprises was the first step in what will become an intricate web of lies, betrayals, deceptions and deceitful acts that will make you the reader wonder can this really happen? Things spiral out of control in many directions as Clay has Crystal a feisty and opinionated worn-out woman investigating Johnson’s lab hoping to uncover information about their experiments, research, and the underlying person evidence about what their research and experiments are about. Mary Jordan was covering a story about Johnson’s lab. What she never realizes is that the person she’s talking with would silence her forever and her disappearance might never be solved. Clive Miller is more than just evil and demonic, he’s heartless and remorseless, and when Mary mentioned Area 38 that was her doom. Added in Westy disappears when following someone and his wife is frantic about contacting Clay. He was kidnapped and severely injured and the anger inside of him will fester until Clive Miller is taken down. Interviewing the scientists and staff of the lab does not yield much help in understanding what Johnson is creating and why. Harley Lange is the security guard, and his background is colorful Clay wonders why he was hired. Questioning Bolton yields anger, tempers, and a discussion about genome engineering that the author presents in detail. Explaining that they cross-reference mutations of their DNA for intelligence purposes and against their IQ scores, SAT scores, and more. Defensive and not exactly forthcoming with answers Bolton leaves them wondering what he’s hiding. Then we meet Victoria Haas, and we learn what she wants Clay for and how she decided it. Meet Kalinda who explains CRISPR an acronym for Clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats. This means that they remove bad mutations from a baby at the embryonic stage which ensures that this change is heritable and will continue for generations. As Kalinda continues this company does a lot of good but what don’t we know? Why does Clay get fired and then rehired? Author Matthew Cost delves deep inside the world of genetic research, testing, and more as readers along with Clay and Baylee will get a firsthand dangerous ride with twists, revelations, and surprises that will bring many questions to light some answers, and another wondering can this happen? Who is Chad Gagnon and where is he? Added in they realize where Mary Jordan is, and they are going after the guy that blindsided Westy. Victoria has her agenda and goes to Murphy’s bar and the incident occurs, nerves are frayed, and the police arrive. Clay’s grand pops are sharp and help explain the documents he received before taking in the case and he’s the voice of reason and more. The author explains where the eugenics movement began, and the fact its concept was to create a superior race, but I won’t reveal how or why. That’s classified! Harley was explaining a certain amount, what was area 38, where is Chad, and was a mouse or Shaim stolen? Things get tense when both Baylee and Kalinda share their pasts and Victoria her plans for Clay and a perfect child, Confrontations, death threats, coming face to face with a killer and Clay must fight for his life along with Baylee. The chief of police acts, but events unfold you won’t expect and the truth behind Johnson’s is revealed,  Let’s sun it up briefly before you the reader will have to find out the startling truths, lies, and deceptions that author Matthew Cost has left hidden from us until her ready to unveil them. They were hired to find out who stole a Shaim. They linked together Darrel Allen transporting a Russian dude from a Russian spy ship. Linking Clive to a Russian, was he orchestrating a sale? What role did Bridget Engel play and what about Bolton? Why was Westy arrested? Was started to increase the population with intelligent and way above average children making you remember what Hitler want to create during WWII and how he engineered the annihilation of millions of Jewish people and more. What is the link? Who orchestrated this veil of lies and deceptions and what happens at the end? Would you like a child that is so perfect, so intelligent that questions are answered before they are voiced? How would these children socialize with others? Think about that and wonder and beware of the MOUSE TRAP you don’t want to get caught! Lies, falsehoods, deaths, and an ending you won’t see coming as the author takes us inside to witness exactly what these people had in mind and one life is in danger. Will the ball getaway? Will those that created this conspiracy and deception win? What is the truth about the stolen mouse? A well-researched and elaborately delivered plot kept this reviewer glued to the printed pages from start to finish. What’s next for Wolfe/Baker? We will know when the author pens his next novel.

Felicia Denise
April 13, 2022

I loved every page of this fasting-moving, hard-hitting mystery thriller! Private Investigator Clay Wolfe accepts a job believing he’s looking for the person who tried to steal a mouse from a research lab. His partner, Baylee Baker is hired by a wealthy pop singer as a bodyguard, and to do a background check on the same research lab she’s considering working with. What neither expected was for their cases to become one and lead them to dead bodies, sadistic killers, dark money, Russians, genetic engineering, and Nazis. A side plot with a wealthy woman wanting a child and choosing Clay to be the father is also connected to the case in ways no one saw coming. Clay, Baylee, and their small team of friends are all more than meets the eye, and even background checks on them don’t reveal their true tenacity, skill, and commitment to the job… and each other. I haven’t read the first two books in the Clay Wolfe series but don’t feel Mouse Trap was missing anything in character development and backstories. An original plot with interesting characters and amazing writing make Mouse Trap a must-read! (And I will read books one and two!) Enjoy!

Romaine Heart
April 13, 2022

PI Clay and PI Bailey were hired by CEO Bridget Engel of JOHNS to find out who was trying to steal a SHAIM (SuperHuman Advance Intelligent Mouse) mouse. Since mice are somewhat close to humans researchers use mice to try to figure out how to cure diseases in humans but this mouse is extra special. SHAIM will help babies become more intelligent and stronger. Even though Clay and Bailey have been let go by the company they still investigate. Something just seems off. The deeper they dig their lives are put in danger as well as their friends. Thank you Booksirens and the author for a digital copy. Read and reviewed voluntarily and the opinions expressed here are unbiased and entirely my own.

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