Mystery of the Dinner Playhouse

Angie Tremont decides to take her husband, Gabe, to the Bearcrest Mystery Dinner Playhouse for dinner and a play, saying as a retired detective he will enjoy solving the mystery that’s playing.


Before they get there, Gabe predicts the butler will commit the crime. The setting is an English country inn with owner, cook, butler, and three guests. When a staged death turns real, all heck breaks loose, and Gabe is asked to help solve the murder. He discovers the playhouse director, the cast and a spy from a competing theater all have reasons to want the murdered man dead, Gabe must sort through the lies and acting talent to find out who killed the butler.

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July 13, 2015

Retirement isn't always Enjoyable!

I really liked this book. A fun murder mystery. Hoping it is a series and looking forward to the next one if so. Thinking of retirement myself I could see where Gabe was lost in retirement with nothing to do and not sure what he wanted to do. His wife, Angie, his children and friends knew him better than he knew his self. The murder investigation is a set of revelations about the victim and the suspects and Gabe does figure out his dilemma of what to do in retirement.

The Happy Reader
April 30, 2015

Mystery of the Dinner Playhouse is a winner

Mike Befeler’s characters are real, funny, and older. How refreshing. No twenty-two year old bumbling around here. We have a recently retired police officer looking for a reason to stay retired. The searches run through this delightful story, along with his adoration of his wife, and his need to feel useful. I enjoyed this very much.

March 25, 2015

Love the way Mikes brain works

Love the way Mikes brain works, lol All of his books are very enjoyable. Love the relationship between Gabe and Angie. This book and mystery is very believable and hope this is a 1st in a new series.

David E. Scott
February 25, 2015

I sure enjoyed the way Mike handled the characters and the flow …

I just finished this most enjoyable book and hope there are more stories about Gabe and Angie in the pipe line. I sure enjoyed the way Mike handled the characters and the flow of the story. I also hope at some point to see this story made into a film

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