Mystery of the Dinner Playhouse

Mystery of the Dinner Playhouse


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Mystery of the Dinner Playhouse
by Mike Befeler
Paperback ISBN: 978-1-893035-90-4
$13.99 Paperback

Angie Tremont decides to take her husband, Gabe, to the Bearcrest Mystery Dinner Playhouse for dinner and a play, saying as a retired detective he will enjoy solving the mystery that’s playing. Before they get there, Gabe predicts the butler will commit the crime. The setting is an English country inn with owner, cook, butler, and three guests. When a staged death turns real, all heck breaks loose, and Gabe is asked to help solve the murder. He discovers the playhouse director, the cast and a spy from a competing theater all have reasons to want the murdered man dead, Gabe must sort through the lies and acting talent to find out who killed the butler.

“Mystery fans of all ages will welcome Befeler’s humorous cozy.”—Publishers Weekly

“It’s the sort of cozy your grandparents would love.”—Kirkus Review


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