New York and Other Lovers

What Reviewers Are Saying:

“In poems that are in turn part Frank O’Hara, part Woody Allen and part Frank Sinatra, George Guida gives us a book that celebrates love and New York. Unabashed and joyously unapologetic in its romanticism, New York and Other Lovers builds a cityscape of poems where we may all fall head over heels.”

—Gerry LaFemina, author of The Story of Ash, Vanishing Horizons and Composing Poetry: A Guide to Writing Poetry and Thinking Lyrically


“Here are poems enthused by jaunts to convenience stores, taverns, and famous museums alike, written on napkins, penned in cabs, at bus stops, while riding the subway . . . filled with exuberant new jazz standards, syncopated playfulness, and edgy Cubist takes of the whole contemporary American landscape in all its esoteric horror and, especially, its loving urgency. Don’t we all want to be on the verge of surrender to this big-hearted, ambitious, and headlong energy?”

—Peter Covino, author of Cut Off the Ears of Winter and The Right Place to Jump

New York and Other Lovers gives us what the title promises and more; it’s a love letter to NYC and its residents, past and present, with all their flaws and foibles. It’s a book only a New Yorker could write, someone intimate with the subways, streets, and smells. In the tradition of Ginsburg and O’Hara (there’s a poem dedicated to each of them in the collection), Guida’s universe is vast and varied. From unrequited and lost lovers to the collapsed Twin Towers, Guida’s poems work an alchemy like Proust’s madeleine to conjure all that haunts us. With empathy, imagination, and wit, he reminds us that we “once had a home.”

—Jennifer Franklin, author of No Small Gift and Looming

“Sometimes they lurch, sometimes they bop. But George Guida’s New York poems never stop moving, never give up the restless, relentless pace that is the city. Even when they find a bench, a lover to sing or talk to, the frenetic undertow is ever-present, the heart humming a love song under the bridge, the current taking it uptown and down, and crosstown, where the poet hangs with those whose lives may be lonely, too.

Boro by boro, he takes us to places he loved but now is disappointed in. ‘Brooklyn has lost its strut,’ he says. But this is still a place for the brokenhearted- ‘I don’t believe in love/I’ve tasted it in overnight hot bagels.’ Guida makes the city complicit in these betrayals: ‘…to hang from a white stone ledge by fingernails/above the scene we want to call home.’ Still, she’s the backdrop he details with great affection, that makes heartache bearable, after all.”

—Mervyn Taylor, author of No Back Door and The Waving Gallery

Praise for George Guida:

“Guida’s poems dig deep, plant seeds, grow and blossom. A harvest for readers.”

—Bob Holman, Author, Filmmaker and Poetry Impresario

Guida’s style—ironic, self-deprecating, proud, entertaining, and thoughtful—is highly engaging on every level…Happily for his readers, Guida is an original.

—Home Planet News

George Guida is the author of eight books, including The Pope Stories and four collections of poems: the first edition of New York and Other Lovers, Low Italian, Pugilistic, and The Sleeping Gulf. He lives and works in New York. Visit his website at

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