Once Upon a Time on 9/11

After the death of his wife, homicide lieutenant Rollie Finch retired from the New York City Police Department to raise his three daughters in Queens. Now as a private investigator, Rollie’s cases are mostly for defense lawyers. He earns a steady living and has ample time to be a single dad to his girls.


But Rollie unwittingly puts his family in harm’s way when he takes on a new client, Joanna Kearns. Twenty years earlier, Joanna’s sister, Julia Knox, was supposedly killed on 9/11 when the World Trade Center Towers, where Julia worked, were struck by terrorist planes and brought down. Joanna doesn’t believe her sister died in the towers on that fateful day, but rather, that she was murdered by her husband, John Knox, who used the terrorist attack as a cover-up.

Rollie is skeptical at first, but soon becomes convinced that John Knox—a man who could be the next governor of New York—is guilty of murdering his wife twenty years earlier on 9/11.

The cat-and-mouse game between Rollie and Knox turns deadly and puts Rollie’s life—and the lives of his three daughters—in grave danger.

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