Pieces of Life Between Latitudes, by John T. Hitchner

Pieces of Life Between Latitudes, by John T. Hitchner


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“Jack Hitchner’s hauntingly beautiful poetry speaks to reflections of life honestly observed. His words move you from heartbreak, to healing, to hope with vivid, truthful imagery.”

—T. Stephens, author of Dante’s Cypher

“In Jack Hitchner’s Pieces of Life Between Latitudes, the poet takes us on a journey through worlds that may not exactly match our own, but somehow make us feel we have lived in them forever. Each poem takes you on a personal journey—one that honors the hard realities of life—and makes no excuses for any conclusions drawn.”

—Cathy Porter,author of Dust and Angels

“You can read these meditations on memory, nature, and family to bring comfort, and certainly there is pleasure to be had in the beauty of the language, but the poems are often unsettling. I read them as a metaphor for the state of America during these particular times of uncertainty. The title poem for this collection is one of the best poems I’ve ever read.”

—Ernest Hebert, author of The Darby Chronicles

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