Playing Possum

A Kristy Farrell Mystery • Book 3

Murder, mayhem, and crawling with wild animals… When animals start mysteriously disappearing from the Pendwell Wildlife Refuge, former English-teacher-turned-magazine-reporter Kristy Farrell is on the case.

Days later, the body of the refuge’s director is found in a grassy clearing. As Kristy delves further, she finds herself up against the wealthy and powerful Pendwell family, especially matriarch Victoria Buckley Pendwell, chair of the refuge’s board of trustees, and Victoria’s son, Austin Pendwell, who is slated to run for state senate.


Meanwhile, strange things are happening back at the wildlife refuge, and soon a second murder occurs. Kristy is thwarted in her attempts to discover the killer’s identity by her old nemesis, the blustery Detective Wolfe, but Kristy perseveres. As she unearths shady deals and dark secrets, will she succeed in drawing the killer out of the shadows?

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