Posts from Suburbia

In Posts from Suburbia, George Guida satirizes the life that most Americans have come to know: the life of lawn care, man caves, shopping clubs, mall cops, gym memberships, murky faith, easy sex in the shadows, cut-rate shrinks, gun-toting postmen, sad cable guys, infinite hobbying, endless holiday decoration, casual bigotry, home improvement, bouncy houses, wedding halls, canned wakes, e-loneliness, ignorant know-it-alls, fridge magnets, yard statues, pool dolphins, trains to nowhere, and moons that won’t give up.


At the heart of it all stands Bill, a child of the suburbs who has returned, dumped by his girlfriend, and holding unused degrees from a city university—a still-young man struggling to find a new life among the characters who populate his world, his memory, and his blog.

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