Ripped Off

Here’s some free advice: Retired or not, never double-cross a hitman.

Upon leaving court after his fourth divorce, retired hitman Ian Connah learns that his financial manager has disappeared with Connah’s retirement funds. While he is determined to get his money back, his dilemma is that, in order to finance his quest, he must return to the trade.


Connah becomes a bodyguard for two former girlfriends (each a rival for his affection) who detest each other. When a million-dollar bounty is put on them, a team of three professional killers takes the contract.

Connah takes the women to a remote lodge in Maine’s north woods where he must protect them from a killer who is afflicted with OCD, a ruthless former Irish Republican Army assassin, and a sadistic Mexican cartel hitman.The search for Harry Sandberg will lead Connah from Maine to Boston, Boston to the Caribbean Islands, and to the Amazon Rainforest of Brazil. He will be faced with crooked lawyers, South American drug lords, and the largest and most violent of Brazil’s criminal syndicates.

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