Rollie and the Missing Six

Rollie Finch, the retired NYC homicide detective and present-day private investigator, returns in a new mystery…

As a widowed, middle-aged father of three teenage daughters, Rollie Finch must be very selective in the cases he chooses to work. When his old friends, attorneys Gitter and Schram, ask for a favor, Rollie is only too happy to oblige.


A colleague of Gitter and Schram, an attorney named Rose, is the guardian of a tontine—an old European custom where a group of people put money into a fund, and whoever is the last person alive inherits all the money. The fund was started by Romanian immigrants, and after sixty years, is now worth twelve million dollars. Of the one hundred original members of the tontine, it seems just one eighty-six-year-old man is still alive. However, six members are unaccounted for, and Rollie is asked to investigate their disappearances.

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