Sleuth of Sherwood

By: Jay Ruud

Robin Hood—leader of an outlaw band of Sherwood Forest—befriends an impoverished knight who is about to lose his ancestral lands after his son, Peter, accidentally kills a rival knight, Sir Walter, in a tournament. The Abbot of St. Mary’s, who served as judge in Peter’s trial, imposed a huge fine on the knight, who then had to put up his lands as surety for the fine.


Robin and Little John suspect that the abbot is only after the estate, and find that the abbot has also conspired to control the lands of the new Countess of Chesterfield by kidnapping her and trying to force her to marry his kinsman, Sir Walter—who, it turns out, is not dead after all, but in hiding with the kidnapped countess. Robin must trick Walter’s mother into revealing his whereabouts, rescue the countess from her prison, and ultimately confront the abbot in his den. It’s a tall order, but along the way, Robin will have to rescue Little John’s partner, Will Stutely, from hanging, and seduce the Sheriff of Nottingham’s wife, as well.
Well, he doesn’t have to do the latter, but some things just happen…

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