Stone Cold Blooded

Morgan Iverson’s reclusive survivalist neighbor is blown to bits. The police believe he stumbled into his own booby trap, but his granddaughter asks Morgan and newspaperman Kurt Willard to prove it was murder.


After the explosions, mysterious white creatures make elusive appearances near the rock shop, drawing a summertime invasion of true believers hoping to prove the existence of aliens. Meanwhile, Morgan learns there may be more to her Triceratops than just the brow horn, and that finding the rest of the dinosaur may solve her neighbor’s demise.

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Darline A. Duncan
August 1, 2017

5.0 out of 5 stars Five Stars

Good series

February 13, 2017

4.0 out of 5 stars rocks, fossils and murder

This book has a fast pace, realistically flawed but likeable characters, and satisfactory endings to all the plot threads. Have to look for the first two books now.

L. C. Hayden
January 30, 2017

4.0 out of 5 stars They hear a great explosion coming from further up the hill from where …

This cozy, humorous story has it all—a murder to be solved, a cast full of likeable characters, and even a bunch of small, mysterious white creatures. Naked leprechauns? Aliens? And what does a triceratops have to do with the story’s events? The story begins with Morgan Iverson at the shooting range. She, along with the help of her friends, is learning how to fire a rifle. They hear a great explosion coming from further up the hill from where her rock shop sits. This explosion is followed by shouting and more gunshots. Her neighbor, the recluse Eustace Day has been killed. The police insist that he was the victim of his own booby traps. But his granddaughter insists it was murder. Morgan, along with the help of her newspaper reporter who is running for city office, Kurt Willard, decides to tackle the case. The mystery takes a back seat until about the middle of the book, but is always present. Then the twist and turns come, surprising the reader. In the meantime, the reader is engaged in the lives of Morgan and her family and friends. They are such fascinating characters, that I didn’t mind waiting for the mystery to be solved. Dilts’ easy flowing style makes for an easy and fast read. It’s a book to definitely enjoy. I know this is the third in the series, and I plan to buy the first two. Yes, the book is that entertaining.

Bruce Most
December 14, 2016

4.0 out of 5 stars A fun read

Stone Cold Blooded starts out with a bang–literally–and keeps going to the end. Fans of cozies will enjoy the small-town setting and the cast of humorous and mostly likable characters, especially Dilts’ protagonist Morgan who continues the challenges of running her rock shop. And keep your eye out for some strange unidentifiable creatures.

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