Stone Cold Blooded

Morgan Iverson’s reclusive survivalist neighbor is blown to bits. The police believe he stumbled into his own booby trap, but his granddaughter asks Morgan and newspaperman Kurt Willard to prove it was murder.


After the explosions, mysterious white creatures make elusive appearances near the rock shop, drawing a summertime invasion of true believers hoping to prove the existence of aliens. Meanwhile, Morgan learns there may be more to her Triceratops than just the brow horn, and that finding the rest of the dinosaur may solve her neighbor’s demise.

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June 23, 2018

Awesome super interesting read

Great characters and and plot done in a unexpected way. I have read the three books. Real memorable characters and plots.

Darline A. Duncan
August 1, 2017

Five Stars

Good series

L. C. Hayden
January 30, 2017

They hear a great explosion coming from further up the hill from where …

This cozy, humorous story has it all—a murder to be solved, a cast full of likeable characters, and even a bunch of small, mysterious white creatures. Naked leprechauns? Aliens? And what does a triceratops have to do with the story’s events? The story begins with Morgan Iverson at the shooting range. She, along with the help of her friends, is learning how to fire a rifle. They hear a great explosion coming from further up the hill from where her rock shop sits. This explosion is followed by shouting and more gunshots. Her neighbor, the recluse Eustace Day has been killed. The police insist that he was the victim of his own booby traps. But his granddaughter insists it was murder. Morgan, along with the help of her newspaper reporter who is running for city office, Kurt Willard, decides to tackle the case. The mystery takes a back seat until about the middle of the book, but is always present. Then the twist and turns come, surprising the reader. In the meantime, the reader is engaged in the lives of Morgan and her family and friends. They are such fascinating characters, that I didn’t mind waiting for the mystery to be solved. Dilts’ easy flowing style makes for an easy and fast read. It’s a book to definitely enjoy. I know this is the third in the series, and I plan to buy the first two. Yes, the book is that entertaining.

January 20, 2017

Mystery, kidnapping, and dinasors…could not put it down.

Fast pace, realistically flawed but likeable characters and satisfactory endings to all the plot threads. Have to look for the first two books now.

catherine craig
December 29, 2016

but they feel like home to me

I anxiously await each of the Stone Cold novels! I feel as though I personally know the characters. Maybe it is because I also live in Colorado, but they feel like home to me. The story line is delightfully unpredictable and the writing nicely descriptive. I appreciate that there is some romance, but the audience is not invited into the bedroom so to speak…a refreshing change from most current novels! All audiences can enjoy this book and find themselves waiting for the next one…

Bruce Most
December 14, 2016

A fun read

Stone Cold Blooded starts out with a bang–literally–and keeps going to the end. Fans of cozies will enjoy the small-town setting and the cast of humorous and mostly likable characters, especially Dilts’ protagonist Morgan who continues the challenges of running her rock shop. And keep your eye out for some strange unidentifiable creatures.

Why Didn’t the Survivalist Survive?

One thing I enjoy about series is returning to characters you love and getting the next installment in their lives. So I was thrilled to visit Morgan Iverson and her family and friends in Golden Springs, Colorado with Stone Cold Blooded, the third Rock Shop Mystery. As this book opens, Morgan’s world is rocked by the sound of gunshots and explosions coming from further up the hill where the rock shop sits. When the police arrive, they find the remains of Eustace Day. Morgan hadn’t actually met the man since he was a recluse who never left his compound, and he had it rigged with traps. In fact, the police think that he was the victim of one of his own traps. Morgan might go along with the idea if it weren’t for the yelling she heard before the noise started. Not that her life is slow at all. She is still trying to figure out her living situation now that her brother and sister-in-law have returned to the shop with their adopted baby daughter. Her new boyfriend Kurt Willard is in the middle of a heated campaign for city council. Her daughter is about to give birth up in Morgan’s old home town of Sioux City. And the excitement up at the Day property has released some kind of little creature. Rumors are flying that they are anything from a leprechaun to aliens. What are they? What was really going on up at the property? And what really happened to Eustace Day? If you haven’t figured it out by now, there are a lot of sub-plots going on in this book. They tend to be the focus at times, especially early on in the book, with bits and pieces of things related to the mystery sprinkling in. The mystery does become more the focus in the second half of the book with some great twists and surprises before we reach the logical conclusion. But am I complaining? Not in the slightest. It’s actually refreshing to read a book that doesn’t follow the traditional formula. And I certainly wasn’t bored. Even if the mystery was in the background, I was still very interested in what was happening to Morgan and the characters I’ve really come to care about in the first two books. The characters certainly continue to be strong here. It took me a few pages to remember who everyone was, but after that I easily slipped back into this world. Not only are all our old favorites here, but we meet a couple of new characters as well that I really liked and I think are poised to show up again in later books. I certainly won’t complain if they do. Then there are the characters introduced as suspects, who are just as strong as the series regulars. I was so glad to return to Morgan’s world for Stone Cold Blooded. These characters have wormed their way into my heart, and I truly enjoy my time with them. Couple that with an interesting mystery and you have another winner. NOTE: I received an ARC of this book.

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