Stone Cold Blooded, by Catherine Dilts

Stone Cold Blooded, by Catherine Dilts



Stone Cold Blooded
by Catherine Dilts
A Rock Shop Mystery
Paperback ISBN: 978-1-893035-34-8
$16.99 Paperback

Morgan Iverson’s reclusive survivalist neighbor is blown to bits. The police believe he stumbled into his own booby trap, but his granddaughter asks Morgan and newspaperman Kurt Willard to prove it was murder. After the explosions, mysterious white creatures make elusive appearances near the rock shop, drawing a summertime invasion of true believers hoping to prove the existence of aliens. Meanwhile, Morgan learns there may be more to her Triceratops than just the brow horn, and that finding the rest of the dinosaur may solve her neighbor’s demise.

“Catherine’s writing draws you into the story and keeps you turning pages right up to the satisfying ending.”

—R.T. Lawton, retired federal law enforcement, and author of four series in Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine

Take a Colorado mountain community, mix in a struggling rock shop, a female amateur sleuth, two escaping donkeys, a disappearing body, add a dash of small town intrigue, sprinkle with a cast of shady suspects, and you have the ingredients for a delicious mystery: Stone Cold Dead (Rock Shop Mysteries #1) by Catherine Dilts.”

—Mike Befeler, author of the Paul Jacobson Geezer-lit Mystery Series



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