Stone Cold Case, by Catherine Dilts

Stone Cold Case, by Catherine Dilts



Stone Cold Case
by Catherine Dilts
A Rock Shop Mystery
Paperback ISBN: 978-1-893035-65-2
$16.99 Paperback

A field trip ends in disaster when Morgan Iverson falls down a gulley and into a cold case. She wants to learn enough geology to keep the family rock shop in business, but suddenly the only knowledge she needs is how to survive a night in the mountains. Finding shelter, Morgan stumbles onto a Sasquatch look-alike, and worse, human remains.

Fifteen years ago, prom queen Carlee Kruger vanished from the small Colorado town. Carlee’s mother Gerda, an alcoholic auto mechanic, asks Morgan to investigate her daughter’s death. Morgan lost her husband two years ago, and she and her adult children are finally finding healing. Morgan realizes Gerda may never recover unless she learns what happened to Carlee. When newspaper editor Kurt Willard offers to help, he seems as interested in Morgan as in the cold case.

The rock shop’s two donkeys sound the alarm when the man resembling Sasquatch lurks around their barn. The police want to question Sasquatch, but he eludes everyone. Then Morgan finds a rare fossil gemstone where she discovered Carlee’s remains – their first solid clue. Word leaks out to the prospecting community, sparking a dangerous treasure hunt. As Morgan and Kurt follow clues as convoluted as the coils on a fossilized ammonite, they suspect the person who knows what happened fifteen years ago will do anything to keep the truth buried.

In book two of the Rock Shop Mystery series, amateur sleuth Morgan Iverson digs into gemstone prospecting to solve a Stone Cold Case.

This is a wonderful mystery with a lot of stories going on underneath the main storyline. I loved getting to know the characters and the little intricacies that made them stand out as real people.” —A TiffyFit’s Reading Corner

If you like mysteries, look no further. The Rock Shop Mystery series is one that you have to check out.“​ —J Bronder Book Reviews


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