Survive or Die by Catherine Dilts

Survive or Die by Catherine Dilts








Survive or Die
by Catherine Dilts
Pub Date: 2/1/19
Paperback ISBN: 978-1-948338-33-2
$16.99 Paperback


“Survive or Die will toss you off a cliff from its opening scene to the final Aha moment. And you’ll love the fall. Great and quirky characters. Imaginative murders. Loved it.”
—Robert Spiller, author of the Bonnie Pinkwater series, mysteries with a mathematical twist


“Dilts writes with a clarity that draws in the readers. Her ability to create believable characters, coupled with a great plot and beautiful prose all combine to make Survive or Die a winner.”
—L. C. Hayden  Award winning and best selling author of the Harry Bronson Thrillers


“Deliverance meets The Office. In this hilariously suspenseful novel, Catherine Dilts drops the employees of a manufacturing company into the Colorado wilderness in an entertaining twist on team building:  The winner gets a raise; the loser gets axed. Trouble quickly ensues as the employees’ goals shift from keeping their jobs to staying alive. Dilts assembles a memorable cast of characters that will have you alternately cringing at their antics or laughing out loud at their zany-but-earnest theories about jobs, relationships, and murder. If you work in corporate America or are contemplating a move into that man-eat-man world, Survive or Die will have you running for the Peace Corps. But you’ll be laughing as you go.”
—Barbara Nickless
Author of the award-winning Sydney Parnell series: Blood on the Tracks, Dead Stop, Ambush


You think you’re gonna Survive, but you’re gonna Die. Die. Die.

The owner of a dysfunctional company arranges a mandatory team-building exercise at the Survive or Die survivalist camp, once the setting for a defunct reality TV show. When he receives a death threat, what surprises employees is not that someone wants their lecherous, hard-drinking boss dead. The surprise is that he’s not the first casualty.

The unexpected demise of a coworker’s husband barely causes a ripple. The annoying photographer’s death is attributed to natural causes. The excitement comes when the boss announces the winner of the week-long game will receive a raise, and the loser will be fired. Most employees dig in with grim determination. A few have other agendas.

Timid junior accountant and dedicated eco-warrior Sotheara Sok searches for evidence that toxic waste is being dumped illegally on the ranch. Aubrey Sommers plans to rekindle romance with her husband, despite her resentment at being stuck in the shabby camp. Factory laborer Jeremiah Jones stalks his coworkers in search of a woman with wide child-bearing hips to share his mountain man dream.
Their plans become derailed when unlikely accidents plague the camp. Tours of Going Batty Days and the Cannibal of Carver Pass Museum in nearby Lodgepole provide pieces to a disturbing puzzle. The three join forces with an old lady version of Chuck Norris, and a city-girl computer geek, as the week deteriorates from mock survival games to a fight for survival in the Colorado wilderness.






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