The Body in the Cornfield

Lawyer Drew Brauner’s dream job with the Rose Creek historical amphitheater has devolved into wrangling contentious cats—and those cats have claws. The leading man is a disaster waiting to happen, with more enemies than the musical Oklahoma! has dance steps.

IT expert Callie Garcia’s dream life at the Double C Ranch takes a nightmarish turn when her husband’s alcoholic cousin shows up with no memory of the previous night. Clint believes in supporting family no matter what, but Callie draws the line when the police become involved.

Mathematician Shanice Hailey thought she’d met the man of her dreamsuntil he left for an extended business trip. Now, she fears he’s giving her the long-distance brushoff. When her match-making sisters pressure her to return to Chicago, Shanice wonders if it’s time to leave Rose Creek behind. 


A feral cat leads chemist Makenzie Selkirk to a litter of kittens—trapped by a body in Farmer Nibleys cornfield. Eager to help the cat, and to find the killer, Makenzies amateur sleuthing endangers her budding relationship with Deputy Sage.

The Rose Creek Reads Book Club tackles a new mystery with too many suspects and not enough clues…

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