The Journalist

If Jeff can’t save his ghostly ancestors from disappearing, he’ll be next…

Writing for a cheesy Boston tabloid, Jeff Beekle fabricates a whimsical tale about a mob-built CIA prison for ghosts—which turns out to be true.

Now both the mob and the CIA have Jeff in their sights.


Even worse, Jeff discovers that his great-grandmother is an inmate, and that she and the other spectral residents are being groomed as CIA spies. (And why not? They’re invisible, draw no salary, and won’t hop into bed with enemy agents.)

To his horror, Jeff learns that ancestors held too long in earthly captivity will vanish as if never born, taking with them all their descendants, which includes him.

Can Jeff outwit the mob and the CIA, free his ghostly ancestors, destroy the prison, and save himself?

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May 22, 2022

Wow oh wow!

This has got to be one of the best mystery books I have read in along time. So original! So much fun! Such great characters! If you read the other reviews believe everything they say…..this book has it all. I look forward to reading more by this author. What a rare treat this book is!

Dawn Gorden
October 15, 2021

Family support takes on a whole new meaning

This book puts a new spin on the paranormal and the way they can influence and interact with someone, sets new rules and boundaries. It’s worth the read

September 17, 2021

a lot of fun

fun, fast-paced read based on a paranormal, absurdist premise. great read!

August 31, 2021

Hilarious and super creative

Okay! You had me at paranormal thriller! I didn’t expect this to be funny as well but I did find myself laughing a few times! This book was brilliant! It seriously has it all; action, humor, some romance and a lot of excitement. It was very had to put down! This is another book that I shared with my husband who is not a reader at all. He thinks this would make a really good movie! I would watch it!!!

Cozy Up With Kathy
August 28, 2021

fast paced funny thrill ride with a paranormal twist

THE JOURNALIST By David Gardner Jeff Beekle was a Pulitzer prize winning journalist, until the honor was stripped away when his witnesses recanted their stories. Now he’s working as a tabloid reporter for his Uncle Sid, making up unbelievable stories to please the masses. Or at least the few who actually read the dreck. His article about a government prison for aliens turns out to be almost true. The prison isn’t for aliens from outer space, or even illegal immigrants, but for ghosts. Now both the mob and the feds are after Jeff. The good news is that Jeff discovers he isn’t the only one whose ancestors visit him giving bad advice. The bad news is that the feds want to capture them and if the spirits stay too long, not only will they disappear, so will all of their descendants. Including Jeff. THE JOURNALIST is a surprising book, not so much for the twists and turns, though there are many, but for the heart. There is a lot of humor, a lot of bad behavior, a lot of thrills, but deep down this is a story about family, love, and doing the right thing. As well as mobsters, feds, and ghosts! Jeff is kinder than he wants to admit, a troubled soul who wants to make good and feels he doesn’t deserve it. I love all of his ancestors, from the irascible Hiram to the kick-ass Colette, each of whom bring important aspects to Jeff and the plot. So many moments made me grin, from Jeff’s vehicle and his dealings with a certain BMW to Janet’s horoscopes and Willy. OK, Willy mainly made me shake my head as I grinned, but, still. The plot itself is ingenious and lot of fun and the visits to various Boston attractions were an added bonus. I’ve done a bit of a deep dive, but if you’re just looking for a bit of escapist fun with some irreverent guys, mafia goons, cons, pizza, beer, and explosions, this book fits that bill too! THE JOURNALIST is a book of redemption. It’s also a fast paced funny thrill ride with a paranormal twist.

Darcia Helle
August 24, 2021

A Fun Read

Imagine the mob building a special prison for the CIA that contains, of all things, ghosts. The Journalist is such a fun read! This is paranormal crime fiction that doesn’t take itself too seriously, yet also weaves a subtle, thoughtful message about life and our relationships. I loved all the characters, including—or maybe especially—the ghost ancestors. The pace is quick, leading us through a complex but easy to follow plot. The writing is full of witty dialogue and observations. No complaints at all here. This book was perfect entertainment for me. *I received a free copy as part of the Partners in Crime book tour.*

Debbie Rozier
August 15, 2021

Great Plot and Dialogue

I knew this book was meant for me when I saw paranormal thriller on the cover and a horoscope for Scorpio at the beginning of Chapter One..(any other Scorpios out there?) This book was a quick read and moved briskly which I love. It’s not a paranormal book in a creepy sense but more of a mystery and connection to your ancestor sense. I really enjoyed the characters, especially the ghost of Hiram, who has quite a colorful backstory. In the living world, I thought Melody, Jeff’s editor was an excellent addition to the plot. I also enjoyed the subplots of why Jeff lost his Pulitzer, why he shot his stepfather when he was young, and where do the ghosts go when they aren’t hanging out in the real world. This was a very unique blend of paranormal, action, and mystery and it really worked for me. I received a copy of this book from the author. Theses thoughts and opinions are honest and my own.

Sara Korn
July 8, 2021

Funny & exciting — a thriller that won't give you nightmares!

I’ll be honest, I don’t usually read thrillers because I hate being scared. The last thing I want to do is read something before bed that’s going to give me nightmares. So I reluctantly read this when a friend recommended it. And I was pleasantly surprised! It is SO FUNNY! The scene with the cement truck and the Mercedes had me laughing out loud–literally! (Melody would disapprove of my over-use of exclamation marks in this review.) If you want a light-hearted yet touching story that you can look forward to reading each night before bed, I highly recommend this book. And I agree with the other reviewers who said it could be a movie. It’s a crowd-pleaser, in the best sense of the word.

Jim S.
May 28, 2021

Great Blend of Humor and Suspense

The Journalist was an easy read that combined lots of humor and great character development into a wonderful paranormal thriller. The reader can readily identify with the personality traits of all the characters, both human and non-human. Having spent the last 50+ years in the Boston area, I especially liked the references to many Boston landmarks and suburban locations. I strongly recommend this book to anyone with a good sense of humor and a desire for a thrill a minute ride. Enjoy!

April 5, 2021

A well-written, highly entertaining novel

For lovers of madcap capers, here’s a witty, clever, twisted plot, with a down-on-his-luck hero and a cast of enjoyable characters. Toss in some corruption, add a little sabotage, mix with the frothy promise of romance, and turn the whole dilemma on a terrific switcheroo. Supported by a devious and ingenious idea, the story speeds along with sharp writing and even sharper dialogues. This is a warm, spunky novel that could easily translate into a highly enjoyable and entertaining movie.

Kevin Symmons
March 22, 2021

Witty, Energetic and A Delight to Read!

In his debut novel, David Gardner has given his readers all they ask and more! First, Mr. Gardner displays his wry, delightful sense of humor then spins his engaging narrative into a dizzying adventure populated by sleazy government agents, intimidating thugs and a host of well-intentioned if bumbling ghosts! Jeff (our hero), his sidekick Willy, the sweet and lovely Melody and at least four different dead relatives of Jeff’s stumble, bumble and plot their way humorously over and around Boston in a madcap attempt to sure their survival. Rather than give away any spoilers I will leave it at that other than to say that I found myself smiling often at this energetic romp through danger and the spirit world. A delight to read…

Erica Harth
March 21, 2021

Don't worry–it'll all be OK.

Imagine a hybrid thriller/caper/ghost story, and you have David Gardner’s “The Journalist.” Trailing Jeff, an offbeat reporter whose stories are not necessarily true, along with his ghostly ancestors, is a lark. Bring in the mob and the CIA, and you’ll find yourself caught up in Gardner’s fictional sleight-of-hand.

March 7, 2021

A Great Read

I’m a sucker for Boston area stories and this one is an original ghost story with a lot of humor and heart. There are lots of cleverly funny details, adventure, a love story, and some wanton gleeful destruction. Who could ask for more?

Arlene Kay
February 27, 2021

Wry humor plus engaging plot

Rarely does a paranormal novel combine the best elements of a thriller with a puckish sense of the absurd. Author David Gardner has accomplished this feat by presenting readers with a flawed but amiable protagonist who battles the odds to save those he cares for. Despite his own ambivalence, our hero confronts a variety of challenges with courage and self-deprecating humor, qualities often lacking in contemporary novels. He is no super-man, just a rather ordinary chap doing some extraordinary things (often reluctantly). The Journalist is both an engaging and amusing read that keeps one turning the pages.

February 25, 2021

How often can you read a DELIGHTFUL THRILLER?

“It’s performance art!” should be the go-to phrase for every person who is caught in the act of revenge on a cheating spouse. Keep it in your back pocket, you know, just in case…. In Jeff Beckle, David Gardner created a reluctant hero who has nothing left to lose—including his very existence. Even though Jeff would prefer to be absolutely anywhere else, doing anything else, he forces himself to lead his rag-tag family and friends to safety. The Journalist reminds us that nobody’s perfect, that we all have emotional baggage, and that embracing our “loser” sides can have powerful pay-offs.

Judy Giger
February 24, 2021

Fun, exciting, mahem

Adventure, mischief, mayhem, laughs and spirited characters. Plus horoscopes! I enjoyed this immensely. Can’t wait to see what is next!

Laura Salazar
February 17, 2021

Hilarity, Adventure and Love

This book is totally original in all the right ways. Whether from a mob gang, rogue CIA operatives, writers from the tacky “Boston Tattler,” or dead ancestors from “Back There,” David Gardner has created a mash up of wacky characters in The Journalist. I love Jeff Beckle, the handsome nerdy Everyman hero who must save his ghostly kin. Mob thugs get involved, setting off all sorts of capers with Jeff and his crew. Hilarity, adventures, passion pyrotechnics and tenderness ensue. Underlying this madness, I found themes of forgiveness for self and loyalty to others. Jeff is a true hero

Jane Shepperd Vivian
February 10, 2021

An exciting read

Totally entertaining, with ghosts, gangsters and top secret government property in a twisted plot that appears to be headed for utter destruction. Served up with astrological advice and helpful uses for vinegar.

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