The Marshal and the Mystical Mountain

A Nelson Lane Frontier Mystery • Book 3

U.S. Marshal Nelson Lane has more than his fair share of unlikely allies: This time it’s a tabloid reporter who turns up missing after he tries to sneak into the Mystical Mountain Hunting Lodge. Nestled in the rugged and scenic Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming, there’s more than mere hunting going on. 


Nelson’s deputy, Maris Red Hat, goes undercover as a courtesan to find out what’s up with the wild parties the lodge is throwing for politicians, celebrities, and gangsters. The women entertaining them keep turning up dead, even as the lodge caretaker appears to be cooperating with the investigation. 

Every time Nelson closes in on the truth, he is ambushed and left for dead. Finally, he sneaks into the resort, only to be saved by an old foe he’s been hunting for years.

When, at last, Nelson discovers the dark secret of the lodge, the Mystical Mountain may claim yet another victim.

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