The One True Ocean

Jenna McGarry longs for an escape from her grief after the tragic loss of her husband. When news arrives that her aunt’s long-past death was a suicide, she is both shocked and intrigued. It is Aunt Adeline she remembers most when she thinks about her childhood home in coastal Maine—the same house where her mother and aunt grew up. The mystery surrounding her aunt’s death is a welcome distraction for Jenna, and she decides to move back to the old house.


As she explores the familiar old surroundings, the walls of the house seem to whisper to her of hidden truths and betrayal. In a search for answers to her aunt’s death and her own identity, Jenna discovers the place holds dark secrets that will unravel her family history and shatter the truth she has come to believe. 

Set in the lush backdrop of coastal Maine, The One True Ocean blends dark psychology with suspenseful storytelling, exploring the deep connections between past and present, love and loss, the dead and the living.

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