The Wind at Her Back

The Wind at Her Back


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The Wind at Her Back
by Kathleen Morris
Pub Date: 11/13/20
Paperback ISBN: 978-1-64599-117-5
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Award-winning author Kathleen Morris brings to life the story of a determined young woman who forges her own way to the future she deserves.

“To do a great right, do a little wrong.”

1876. An Irish orphan with a dark past, young Fiona Shanahan emigrates to America and becomes a lady’s maid to a wealthy New York socialite, a safe haven where she reinvents herself. A lucky encounter lands her a spot on the Broadway stage, where she becomes a rising star until a violent confrontation forces her to flee west to Chicago. She meets theater magnate Julius DeMonte, who offers her sanctuary as part of the troupe aboard his showboat, Queen of Dreams, on its maiden voyage down the Mississippi. As they travel southward to New Orleans, Fiona discovers the reality of post-civil war America, very different from the gilded stages of New York. But Julius is far more than a simple theater producer, just as Fiona is far more than a naïve ingenue, and as she becomes entwined in Julius’s intrigues, Fiona finds herself in greater danger than she’s ever known before.

Praise for Kathleen Morris:

“…a gifted writer and storyteller, as well as a meticulous researcher. Historical details shine through her writing.… Even her description of everyday things ring true to the era.”
Michael Ritt, author of The Sons of Philo Gaines on The Transformation of Chastity James

“I was moved to tears many times… and impressed by the vivid detail with which the author painted the story of star-crossed lovers. A new take on the O.K. Corral, from a woman’s point of view.”
Roundup Magazine on The Lily of the West



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