The Journalist

The Journalist


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The Journalist
A Paranormal Thriller
by David Gardner
Pub Date: 2/5/21
Paperback ISBN: 978-1-64599-144-1
$16.99 Paperback
4.99 eBook

If Jeff can’t save his ghostly ancestors from disappearing, so will he.
Writing for a cheesy Boston tabloid, Jeff Beekle fabricates a whimsical tale about a mob-built CIA prison for ghosts.
Which turns out to be true.
Now both the mob and the CIA have Jeff in their sights.
Even worse, Jeff discovers that his great-grandmother is an inmate and that she and the other spectral residents are being groomed as CIA spies. (And why not? They’re invisible, draw no salary, and won’t hop into bed with enemy agents.)
To his horror, Jeff learns that ancestors held too long in earthly captivity will vanish as if never born, taking with them all their descendants, which includes him.
Can Jeff outwit the mob and the CIA, free his ghostly ancestors, destroy the prison and save himself?


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