This Side of Midnight by Al Lamanda

This Side of Midnight by Al Lamanda


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This Side of Midnight
by Al Lamanda
Pub Date: 11/20/18
Paperback ISBN: 978-1-948338-28-8
$16.99 Paperback

Critical Acclaim for This Side of Midnight:

“Fans of straight-ahead detective stories will have a fine time as investigator John Bekker’s latest adventure
(following First Light, 2014) gets under way. Threats of violence lead to real violence, and not just from the bad guys. Plenty of
blood and old-school action in the hard-boiled tradition; just right for the no-nonsense crime-fiction fan.”

“Following every possible clue gives [John Bekker] a number of leads.
His intuition and his readiness to skirt the letter of the law lead to a shocking conclusion.
For all his flaws, Lamanda’s tough detective has his own moral compass, and his empathy and bulldog tenacity are as
admirable as his bone-deep detective skills.”
Kirkus Reviews


On a month-long hiatus in Hawaii after his last investigation, John Bekker is called back to action when his close friend Sheriff Jane Morgan seeks his help with a perplexing mystery. Norman Felton, a resident of Midnight Island in Jane Morgan’s county, drove his car to the ferry and then to the county high school on the mainland, and in an out-of-control rage beat an exchange student nearly to death with a baseball bat before being shot by sheriff’s deputies.

Missing from Felton’s home is his fourteen-year-old daughter, Amanda. With Felton close to death and the high school student in a coma, Jane has no leads as to why Felton assaulted the student or whether his actions are connected to his missing daughter.

Slowly, Bekker begins to assemble pieces of a puzzle that don’t quite fit. There were no apparent witnesses to Felton’s actions at the high school, and residents of Midnight Island don’t know the whereabouts of the missing girl. With each passing day the odds of finding Amanda Felton grow slimmer. Bekker works around the clock ferreting

out details until slowly the puzzle comes together and he makes a shocking
discovery that will take him to a dark and dangerous place.





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