The Vorticist

When a dying journalist stumbles into Parkside Police Station, in the university city of Cambridge, England, private investigator Monte Boutista and his colorful crew find themselves entangled in a complex tapestry of spies, international assassins, corrupt officials and a lethal cabal of students.


In their quest to bring rogue billionaire Charles Schwarzkopf and his acolytes to justice, Boutista, together with former-boxer Harry Wainwright, law-student Aabira, spiritualist Aunt Penny and DCI Donald Coy, must use all of their considerable talents to unearth long-buried secrets, track down a living ghost and, ultimately, face a trained killer who is determined to complete his mission.

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Anne Britting Oleson
September 3, 2021

Great characters

Monte and his team are interesting and well-developed characters. I look forward to subsequent books in this series, to find out more of their backstories and relationships. Their adversary, the Vorticist himself, is an ugly, ugly man.

Edwin C. N. Green
August 1, 2021

Hugely rewarding new detective thriller

Monte Boutista is a wonderfully written – and original – detective, ably assisted and investigating the cruel and suave Christian Schwartzkopf. There are mysterious secrets to disentangle, past events brought to light. The story zips along, inviting the reader to sift through the myriad of clues towards the tense and intriguing conclusion.

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