We’ll Always Have Poison

A Dr. Lily Robinson Novel • Book 4

Publication date: July 17, 2024

In this series finale, pathologist Dr. Lily Robinson races around the globe to hunt an assassin who, like her, finds poison the weapon of choice.  

A world-renowned climatologist is found dead off the Great Barrier Reef of northern Australia weeks before he’s set to deliver his earth-shattering findings at the international Climate Council conference. Was it greed to maintain the status quo of fossil fuels—or revolutionary new science—that motivated his murder? Can Lily Robinson stop the killer before another climate scientist dies?

With operative and lover JP Marchand at her side, Lily uncovers a cunning plot that endangers world order, and changes the trajectory of her life—forever.


Advance Praise for WE’LL ALWAYS HAVE POISON:

“Author BJ Magnani knows her poisons, and her real-life expertise shines through in every one of her novels. This is a fast-paced, globe-spanning tale of toxins, assassins, and a brilliant heroine who just might save the world.”
—Tess Gerritsen, New York Times bestselling author

“Lily Robinson’s no superhero, but she’s unique in the male-dominated world of thriller fiction, and she’s back in a big, new adventure, a globe-hopping page-turner that will sweep you up, surprise you, then leave you completely satisfied. Don’t miss it.”
—William Martin, New York Times bestselling author of Back Bay and December ’41

“…captivating… Author Magnani’s latest book is for readers who love deep and specific details, intricate relationships with tangled pasts and presents, nefarious intentions, criminal masterminds, and, of course, poisons.”
—Jule Selbo, screenwriter and award-winning author of the Dee Rommel Mysteries

“A powerful note to Magnani’s exploration is that it does not adopt the usual formula genre approach of a murder mystery, suspense, or romance story.… With climate science at the heart of events, readers will relish a tale that pairs contemporary issues with twists and turns of love and death, to prove compellingly realistic and absorbing.”
—D. Donovan, senior reviewer, Midwest Book Review

“The plot rolls out a few surprises, including a doozy in the searing final act. A resilient series hero drives this tense, absorbing mystery.”
Kirkus Reviews

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