When the Poetry’s Gone, by Gustav Peterson

When the Poetry’s Gone, by Gustav Peterson


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“Peterson is a working man’s nature poet—When the Poetry’s Gone is a gentle, buoyant, and disarming love letter to Maine that reads like the shock of something beautiful just before a storm, told by a man at the end of a cold and kind world.”

Gabrielle Sinclair, screenwriter and playwright

“In Gus Peterson’s world, anything can happen. Gym equipment spirits Washington across the Delaware. Bach and Beethoven get sent home for the day. The end of the world happens, luckily, on a Friday. The Cumberland Farms counter girl rocks the curtains of heaven aside. The everyday routines get turned inside out, and what emerges are the constant surprises that characterize the self-attentive mind. When the Poetry’s Gone is a trip into the real worlds of the real world.”

Dana Wilde, “Off Radar” and “Backyard Naturalist” columnist for the Morning Sentinel and Kennebec Journal newspapers

“When the Poetry’s Gone has got to be one of the very best collections published recently. Peterson’s lines are a refreshment of language, lines thick with meaning, unique in vocabulary, one knockout poem after another, never less than engaging, often electrifying, a generosity of feeling and perception utterly uttered. This poet is that rare thing: a first-rate, true poet’s poet, and at the same time one who moves us with the fullness of his humanity and superb craftsmanship. My own poetry may never be quite the same for having read him.”

Ted Bookey, author of Mixty motions, and poetry instructor at the University of Maine at Augusta’s Senior College

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