Why in Paris?

Why in Paris?



Why In Paris?
by Harry F. Rey
Pub Date: 5/11/2022

$17.99 Paperback

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In the late summer of 1936, Anders is a budding young photographer from Vienna who travels to pre-war Paris. His mother sends him ostensibly to attend art school… and to survive as a Jew. But Anders is ready to explore his other secret: his sexuality. Anders soon falls for Jean, and captures Jean’s beauty with his camera, selling the photos by the Seine. A wealthy American socialite, David, sees the work and presents Anders with a scandalous new venture.
With David’s movie camera, they set up a secret film studio, capturing incriminating reels of the rich and powerful committing all manner of compromising acts. As Paris falls to Hitler and the occupation takes hold, senior Nazis commandeer David’s mansion as their personal brothel. Anders and David begin secretly filming the Nazis’ trysts, scattering the evidence across Paris. Anders’s old flame, Eilas, returns as an SS officer. Jean hatches a plot with the Resistance to assassinate Eilas’s superior, the head of the SS in Paris, where blackmail and betrayal, love and survival are all part of the answer to the question, Why in Paris?