Wolfe Trap

Wolfe Trap


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Wolfe Trap
by Matt Cost
Pub Date: 6/23/21
Paperback ISBN: 978-1-64599-169-4
$27.99 Hardcover
$4.99 eBook

Clay Wolfe is a former Boston homicide detective who has left the police department to return home to Maine to care for his elderly grandfather and open a private detective agency. Haunted by being orphaned at an early age, and jaded by the corruption of the big city, Clay is happy to hit pause and investigate minor crimes. When he is hired to find out who sold the drugs that killed a six-month-old baby girl, he has no idea of the evil that he is going to uncover in the underbelly of his hometown. Wolfe Trap is a thrilling ride set in a small Maine town with rich characters and shocking plot twists that will keep the reader rapt until the final pages.





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