Murder in Edinburgh

Annie Young-Perret goes undercover at the Edinburgh, Scotland office of a multi-national insurance company to investigate the suspicious hit-and-run death of her school friend Chantal’s husband, Duncan.


Meantime, other company employees are murdered in Boston, Colorado Springs and Saint Petersburg, Russia by a serial killer who delights in finding original ways to kill her victims.

Joining the search are Annie’s retired French police chief husband, Roger; a writer from the new Early Scottish Poets Museum for which Chantal is curator; a coworker of Duncan’s; and two off-duty Edinburgh police.

When the insurance company CEO learns of their inquiries, he orders a contract on a new target.

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Susan Orsoni
March 28, 2020

Murder in Edinburgh

This is a good tale, but the ending is rather a let down after all the earlier detail. And the text could certainly benefit from much better proofreading

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